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New Activity for Apptimo, version 2 (alpha release)

I have been reviewing Activity for Apptimo for some time now, always keeping in touch with the people in the design and development teams. They just announced Activity 2, as an alpha release available for reviewers and testing users. The application has been rewritten as a PWA (Progressive Web Application) and is currently accesible as a web app. Android and iOS apps for Activity 2 will be released soon (I was informed that dates are set for when the app enters the beta phase). A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app that uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app -like experience to users. These applications can be deployed as a PWA as well as Native app for Android, iOS, Windows and take advantage of both channels, for added flexibility and convenience. Major Features in Activity 2 ​Chat and Messaging in every card. You can now chat and send messages to people in your sharing groups. Real-time refreshes (no need to reload to view changes or new activity in your Inbox