Activity 2 is now Actibly, release 2.0.3

Apptimo has posted a new beta update for Activity. It appears that they changed the name to Actibly by Apptimo . I contacted de PR person at Apptimo, and they indicated that Actibly is a mashup for the " terribly active " person. Also, they are now pushing a new motto for their platform, which I think it really summarizes the scope of their app: Create / Keep / Share / Organize From the announcement that can be seen in the application's Inbox (when you are an Apptimo user), this is the information provided for the recent update: 2.0.3 beta Actibly 2.0.3 beta Activity 2 is now Actibly by Apptimo. A new name for Activity 2, plus some new handy features including: Save as App , now allows to save the app in your Chrome desktop browser in or in your Android mobile Chrome browser (iOS and Mac OS support coming soon). Chat , the chat window now opens directly, and it displays a new better layout for easier reading. Tag a Folder , you can now mark a folde

SMS for Apptimo, beta

Apptimo has just launched their SMS for Apptimo service in beta mode. I am actually reviewing this new service, and I have to tell that it works great. It has many interesting and powerful texting options for the workspace and groups. It will clearly expand the possibilities to send mobile text notifications to your contacts, clients, providers, etc. Mainly you and your teams will be able to reach any of your contacts that are not using the Apptimo apps. I will post the results of my review soon.

My new Acer Chromebox CXI2 with Chrome OS

Hurricane Irma caused a lot of electrical power mischief along her thunderous way throughout South Florida. Before the storm peaked, my home-office suffered a 9 second power shut-down. Everything got disconnected, and when power came back, it looked that things were OK. Well, sort of... My desktop computer, a Mac mini with an Intel Core i7 CPU was off, as it should have been after a power disconnect. I tried to power it back, to no avail. My loved Mac mini was dead. I tried to perform all the procedures recommended in the support forums, but it looked like the problem was actually with the computer's power supply. I checked my repair options, and most of them seemed expensive. Meanwhile, I was using an old white MacBook (Core 2 Duo), which was still working albeit with an older Mac OS X version. Looking at my options, I just didn't want to spend a lot of money on one of the new, slim and good looking MacBook Pro's. My current computing platform was heavily relaying on

New Activity for Apptimo, version 2 (alpha release)

I have been reviewing Activity for Apptimo for some time now, always keeping in touch with the people in the design and development teams. They just announced Activity 2, as an alpha release available for reviewers and testing users. The application has been rewritten as a PWA (Progressive Web Application) and is currently accesible as a web app. Android and iOS apps for Activity 2 will be released soon (I was informed that dates are set for when the app enters the beta phase). A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app that uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app -like experience to users. These applications can be deployed as a PWA as well as Native app for Android, iOS, Windows and take advantage of both channels, for added flexibility and convenience. Major Features in Activity 2 ​Chat and Messaging in every card. You can now chat and send messages to people in your sharing groups. Real-time refreshes (no need to reload to view changes or new activity in your Inbox

Fax for Apptimo

CONVENIENTLY RECEIVE YOUR FAXES Fax for Apptimo is a cleverly implemented add-on service for Activity. It allows to receive faxes directly in your Inbox without the need of a fax machine, whether you are working or traveling. This fax service is so convenient and inexpensive that it would make using Activity for Apptimo the sole reason for it. FAX NUMBERS You get a fax number assigned to your Apptimo ID account. You can get multiple fax numbers on your account (I will explain it later) as wells as fax numbers from different cities in the world. You pay a flat monthly rate for each number for unlimited incoming faxes. A fax number from the US is $ 8.50 per month. You can get fax numbers from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, as well as from other cities (you can see a complete list here ). RECEIVING FAXES Once you number is assigned to your Apptimo account it is ready to receive your faxes. When a