Activity 2 is now Actibly, release 2.0.3

Apptimo has posted a new beta update for Activity. It appears that they changed the name to Actibly by Apptimo. I contacted de PR person at Apptimo, and they indicated that Actibly is a mashup for the "terribly active" person. Also, they are now pushing a new motto for their platform, which I think it really summarizes the scope of their app:

Create / Keep / Share / Organize

From the announcement that can be seen in the application's Inbox (when you are an Apptimo user), this is the information provided for the recent update:

2.0.3 beta
Actibly 2.0.3 beta

Activity 2 is now Actibly by Apptimo. A new name for Activity 2, plus some new handy features including:

  • Save as App, now allows to save the app in your Chrome desktop browser in or in your Android mobile Chrome browser (iOS and Mac OS support coming soon).
  • Chat, the chat window now opens directly, and it displays a new better layout for easier reading.
  • Tag a Folder, you can now mark a folder with a People tag, making the folder a container of all things you keep for that person.
  • My Account, you can now change the picture and password in your profile.

IMPORTANT: You must update your Chrome browser to version 64 to take advantage of the new features coming with Actibly.


Activity 2.0 beta

Greetings everyone! We are very happy to announce that the beta release of Activity for Apptimo 2.0 is now available and includes several major new features, as well as many useful enhancements. Explore!

Major Features

  • Chat and Messaging in every card. You can chat and send messages to people in your sharing groups.
  • Real-time refreshes, see changes in your Inbox as they happen.
  • Web, iOS and Android apps, use Activity wherever you want. Always accessible.
  • Notifications, web and mobile notifications.
  • Secure Connection for the web app, provides a secure layer for your information (https://).
  • HIPPA Compliance, we are following HIPPA guidelines to provide compliance for the handling of medical and dental records.


  • Master image and link, notes can now display an image on the Inbox card, as well an associated link (URL).
  • Announcements, enhanced announcements bar. Now displays all announcements with an horizontal scroll.
  • Inbox, a nicer and more elegant layout for your Inbox, making easier to navigate.

SMS for Apptimo

A new value-added service that will allow you to send and receive text messages to any people in your workspace. You can subscribe to one or more mobile numbers to create your text message chats. Numbers can also be assigned to workgroups to allow your team members to also send and receive text messages. Really, a communications powerhouse.

Fax for Apptimo

Fax for Apptimo users will be able to take advantage of the new features immediately, including a faster response, refreshes in the background so no need to reload to check for new faxes.


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Source: Apptimo

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