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Activity 2 is now Actibly, release 2.0.3

Apptimo has posted a new beta update for Activity. It appears that they changed the name to Actibly by Apptimo . I contacted de PR person at Apptimo, and they indicated that Actibly is a mashup for the " terribly active " person. Also, they are now pushing a new motto for their platform, which I think it really summarizes the scope of their app: Create / Keep / Share / Organize From the announcement that can be seen in the application's Inbox (when you are an Apptimo user), this is the information provided for the recent update: 2.0.3 beta Actibly 2.0.3 beta Activity 2 is now Actibly by Apptimo. A new name for Activity 2, plus some new handy features including: Save as App , now allows to save the app in your Chrome desktop browser in or in your Android mobile Chrome browser (iOS and Mac OS support coming soon). Chat , the chat window now opens directly, and it displays a new better layout for easier reading. Tag a Folder , you can now mark a folde